Our Story

California is the golden state and there is a reason for that. The state is rich in history and fashion. The miles of coastline that transition into the vast mountains are always shining, and not the mention, so are the people.  

Although California has changed greatly over the years, there are still some things that remain. The stories and the style. If you look around Los Angeles long enough you can still find the seamless fusion of vintage Venice surf culture and old Hollywood elegance living simultaneously.  

Isla de Oro is a clothing line created by two California natives, Anneke Barrie and Tali Brown. They find inspiration in vintage textiles, the people who surround them, the places they have traveled and of course in their home, California. They strive to highlight bold irreplaceable people, whole lights shine far beyond the norm.  

The goal of Isla de Oro is to make you feel confident in their clothing, while achieving the effortless style that makes California so special. With their vibrant colors and unique prints, you can help bring the art back to life. Whether you are going to the beach or to the bar, you become the walking masterpiece you are meant to be in Isla de Oro. 


Anneke Barrie & Tali Brown